Books in Translation Challenge

Books in Translation Reading Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader
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So, every year I set myself some reading goals. For a while, it was just numbers. Specifically, 50. I’d been challenging myself to read 50 books a years since… 2005, I think? And failing. But then the first year I succeeded I got cocky and started adding sub-challenges. 50 books, but 10 of them classics, 15 of them from my to-read pile, etc. I’ve been doing better each year on the number of books total, and have been meeting and even exceeding that goal, but I fail about half of my sub-category goals. Which I’m mostly fine with, because it still helps to increase the number of books I read in each of those categories.

This year, I have a bunch of goals, as usual, but the main, biggest goal, is to read more books that have been translated. I’ve been buying translated books nearly everywhere I go, my to-read stack is getting higher and higher, and I’ve read a few already, but I haven’t reviewed anything at all yet this year. Which is why I was so quick to jump on the Books in Translation Challenge. Hopefully it will motivate me to get all those reviews done and start posting them here. I probably will only publish the translated book reviews here, and leave all the rest of the reviews I write on goodreads only. But as I haven’t fully decided what all I want to do with this blog yet, that decision is subject to change.

The highest level of the challenge is Linguist, with 10-12 translated books read this year, which I’m hoping to far surpass. Already I’ve read books translated from Finnish, Russian, German, and Japanese.

What about you? What’s the last translated book you read?


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