Read-a-thon: Hour Eleven

Jefferson and I have both finished our books, and are taking a healthy break before starting in on new ones!

This time I am sure I have been making math errors in *my* totals, but have straightened them out now. For both I was making my life too complicated by trying to make it “simpler” and doing a system of additions and subtractions and other ridiculousness each time. Instead of using my tally of total number of pages for each book finished, then just adding the current page count of books in progress. Anyway. Now they should be right.

And now we’ve passed 1000 pages! And less than half the 24 hours over! (Not that we’ll stay up the full 24 hours, but what more madness could we wreak?)

Anyway, posting my progress early so we can take a good break. Will be back with updates later!

Books read: Jen – 3, Jefferson – 4
Pages read: Jen – 393, Jefferson – 776

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