Read-a-thon: Hour Five

Five hours in, and I’m feeling a bit defensive about my progress for the hour. I have to remind myself there is a long way to go! After the last update I wandered across the street for some Diet Coke and potato wedges. Also I spent some time strategizing about the day with Andrew (my husband). If I’m feeling that defensive about these excuses, I will feel worse about the next update, as we’re taking our first planned outing of the day after I finish this update. But I’ll get over it eventually.

Still on Darkness Before Noon. Jefferson has put down The 39 Clues for now, and is 85 pages into I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916, which was a pleasant surprise. I was temporarily driven upstairs by Jefferson and Solomon playing loudly, and I thought Jefferson might be straying from the read-a-thon already. And then I come back downstairs to find him halfway through a new book!

The Shark Attacks of 1916 (I Survived, #2)

There is a giveaway thing happening at our credit union. The kids will each get a free swag bag, which I think will be a nice break. This is our first planned outing of the day. (Later we’re also going to the YMCA for a swim.) I’m hoping this one will only take 30-40 minutes, as our closest branch is not far away.

Books read: Jen – 2, Jefferson 1
Pages read: Jen – 218, Jefferson 380

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