Read-a-thon: Hour Ten

Darkness at Noon. Just, really. It is taking so long to read, and yet I am glad that I picked it, that I am reading it all at once, submerged in it.

I think that I may have made a math error in Jefferson’s totals at some point or another, because his total for last hour shouldn’t have been his total for this hour, but I calculated them from different starting points. Anyway, I am reasonably certain that his current total is correct.

Solomon and Andrew are back, Solomon playing at the computer and mostly allowing us to concentrate on our books.

I am very eager to update both Jefferson’s and my book totals. And to pass Amy’s prediction of 1000 pages. Will it happen in the next hour? Here’s hoping!

Books read: Jen – 2, Jefferson – 3
Pages read: Jen – 258, Jefferson – 726

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