Read-a-thon: Hour Two

Two hours in! I have just finished The Uncommon Reader which was just so good, and Jefferson is almost done with The Jungle Temple Oracle. I think that Jefferson is going to kick my butt at pages read, but I have a stack of Little Black Classics that says I am going to win number of books. 🙂

We have already raised 45% of our fundraising goal, which is delightful! Much thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!

Solomon is still being a trooper and not torturing us, even though Andrew has yet to make an appearance.

Jefferson is taking his first little break, while I’m off to contemplate my bookshelves to pick my next read.

Books Read: Jen – 1, Jefferson – 0
Pages Read: Jen – 120, Jefferson – 189

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4 thoughts on “Read-a-thon: Hour Two

  1. You are both doing a great job! I love that Jackson is reading with you! I think my seven year old is going to join in too, but at this point he is downstairs causing chaos for his daddy. 🙂

    Keep on reading and Happy Readathon!



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