Read-a-thon: Hour Eighteen (final)

Well kids, it’s been a lovely first read-a-thon. But in the interest of being a grown-up and an involved parent of two kids tomorrow, I’m calling it quits and going to bed. It is with a little bit of sadness, as I dreamed of staying up a little longer, of finishing Tea and making it through one more Little Black Classic, but I’m calling it a night.

Final stats!
Books read: Jen – 4, Jefferson – 6
Pages read: Jen – 683, Jefferson – 1156

$193 raised for the fundraiser so far, but I pledged $2 per book Jefferson read, which I’m going to raise to $2 per book either of us read to make it an even $20, but I’ll take care of that in the morning. I will leave the fundraiser up ’til the end of tomorrow, just in case anyone wants to come to that particular party late.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, whether through cheers, donations to the fundraiser, or my husband entertaining poor, neglected Solomon. (Who I will repay by going to bed at this almost reasonable hour, and ignoring the sudden temptation to just stay up! there’s only a few chapters left!)


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