Read-a-thon: Hour Fourteen

Okay, so I made an Hour Twelve post, and then destroyed it. Then I got halfway through writing our mid-event survey before realizing I’d destroyed the Hour Twelve post. So I made a new Hour Twelve post. Then I re-did the survey. Then it was almost Hour Thirteen, so I decided just to skip that update and wait until Hour Fourteen.

And then I realized that I had destroyed the new Hour Twelve post as well. So Hour Twelve was just cursed. But at least I figured out what I did and will be slightly less hapless at WordPress in the future. Yay?

So, hours 12-14!

In hour twelve, Jefferson and I both finished a book. Jefferson read Stories of Dragons, & I finished Wailing Ghosts.

Stories of Dragons Wailing Ghosts (Little Black Classics #07)

Then, there was the furious posting and inept destroying cycle. Then dinner.

Now, Jefferson is still looking for his next book. I, however, have started Michelle Tea’s new memoir, How to Grow Up, which I am loving so far. I am a little frazzled at all the internet snafu, but Solomon has gathered all his library books so that he can “read-a-thon with us,” which is adorable, so as soon as I finish this post and get settled back on the couch, all will be well.

How to Grow Up

Oh! And we’re at 77% of our fundraising goal! Thanks so much, everyone!

Books read: Jen – 4, Jefferson – 5
Pages read: Jen – 477, Jefferson – 871


One thought on “Read-a-thon: Hour Fourteen

  1. I recently read How to Grow Up and found it quite interesting. And slightly terrifying in some ways 🙂 I hope you enjoy it! Enjoy your time with the kids and reading.


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