Read-a-thon: Hour Seventeen

And then there was one. Jefferson finished Atalanta, made some brave declarations about not having the ability to be tired, made a big show of contemplating what his next book might be, then said, “maybe I’ll sleep for a little bit…” and is now snoring gently on the couch.

Now that he’s asleep, does that mean I’ll catch up? Hahahahahahahahaha.

Will I stay up once I finish this book? Will I continue posting hourly, or just when I finish new books? I don’t know, everything feels up in the air now. But I’m happy with all our measures of progress so far.

Books read: Jen – 4, Jefferson – 6
Pages read: Jen – 628, Jefferson – 1156

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One thought on “Read-a-thon: Hour Seventeen

  1. Grab a snack, dance a jig, it’s Hour 18! You can do it! I know this hour gets difficult (for me, at least). Hope you’re having a great time with your books! #TeamPopper


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