Read-a-thon: Hour Sixteen

So, Solomon fell asleep. (Thank goodness!) But Jefferson and I are still going pretty strong. I was right, and the temptation of Solomon’s Sonic comics were too much, and Jefferson temporarily put aside his book in favor of a graphic novel creatively titled Sonic the Hedgehog, Volume 19, but is back to Atalanta now.

Sonic the Hedgehog Archives 19

I am still curled up with Michelle Tea, and contemplating whether I would like this book so well had I not read all the other stages of her manic, addictive-personality in-your-face risk taking behavior. I had been worried I would be bored by Tea as a proper grown-up, but that has not yet been the case.

Books read: Jen – 4, Jefferson – 6
Pages read: Jen – 581, Jefferson – 1121

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