Dewey Readathon 2.1

So, two hours in, and we’re doing pretty well. It’s pretty much the kids’ bedtime, but I promised them that as long as they were reading, they could stay up later tonight. I am sure I will regret this call eventually, but I haven’t yet.

I broke out my stack of Penguin Classics for the readathon, especially since I had a limited time, I wanted a feeling of accomplishment right off the bat. I started with How to Use Your Enemies, which was interesting, but chewy: progress was slow. I did finish it however, and jumped into Moominpappa’s Memoirs, which has been hanging out on my to-read shelf for many months now. I am delighted by the new Moomin paperbacks by the Square Fish imprint, and while she has not appeared in the story yet, her face in the Moomin Gallery reminded me that I want to get a tattoo of Little My.

How to Use Your EnemiesMoominpappa's Memoirs (The Moomins, #4)

Books finished: 1
Pages read: 88
Donation earned: $2.00

Jefferson has started and abandoned two books, but finished a third. He claimed to have already read all of his birthday books once already, so I made a small stack of graphic novels of mine that I thought he might be ready for, which explains a good portion of his list. He started with Dragon’s Egg, which he had already read once, then shifted over to Hopeless Savages, then finished (and loved) Goodbye, Chunky Rice. He’s back on to Hopeless Savages now, we’ll see if he finishes it. (He may still be a bit young, yet.)

Dragon's EggHopeless Savages Volume 1Good-Bye, Chunky Rice

Books finished: 1
Pages read: 202
Donation earned: $2.00

Solomon tore through a short stack of picture books and declared he needed a break. He seems to be done, but who knows?

Books finished: 8
Donation earned: $4.00

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to get back to the Moomins.


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