Dewey’s Readathon 2.2

Well, we’re all done already, but that’s okay. After bedtime passed, Solomon only grabbed a new book when someone threatened to put him to bed if he was done with the readathon. Jefferson started a few more books, but didn’t get far in any of them. He fell asleep a few times on the couch, but each time I woke him to suggest he move to his bed, he would open a book and insist he was going to read a little longer instead.

Are these my children or what?

I finished my second book, and although I’d planned to grab another Little Black Classic before midnight, I think I am going to give in with the rest of them. I have adventures planned for tomorrow. Two books in one night after I worked a full eight hours is entirely enough.

Donation totals for the Literacy Coalition:
Jen: $4.00
Jefferson: $2.00
Solomon: $5.50

I’m sure I’ll round it up and send a donation for $20. But in the morning. I have to figure out a way to transport Jefferson from the couch to his bed.

Good night!


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