Today’s Book Haul

2016-03-30 14.41.11

Sometimes, the juxtaposition of the books in my selection amuses me way too much. Granted, the person who rang my purchases up didn’t actually comment on it this time, which I suppose means I wasn’t trying hard enough.

So, I’d spent the morning doing “virtuous” things. I had finally talked myself into letting go of a decent size stack of books that I was never going to read, or at least never going to read again, and dropped them off at the library for their Friends of the Library sale. I’d been meaning to do this for a few weeks, but their drop-off hours were limited and I’d never done it before, so I kept putting it off.

After that successful chore I drove down to Mason to drop off two bags of old towels at the Ingham County Animal Shelter. This I’d been putting off for months. I’d bagged them up intending to give them to the Capital Area Humane Society, but I wasn’t sure they’d want them, and old towels were definitely not on their wishlist on their website, so I chickened out. Then a friend posted a request from the county shelter on Facebook for old towels, and I was elated! Until I looked at their hours. There was pretty no intersection in the hours they were open and the hours I might be available to drop by one of their locations. But today I randomly had off work, so I made myself drive down there. It was super awkward going in, as the only visible staff were behind windows and there was a line, but when I finally found someone to talk to, she was elated, elated by my donation.

All in all, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I got back in my car and decided I DESERVED a trip to the bookstore as a reward.

All of this is way too much unrelated detail to my actual book stash, but I’m a rambler.

So, books! From the bottom up:

If I Had a Gryphon I picked up for my monthly We Need Diverse Books challenge donation to Solomon’s classroom. It looked way too cute and sweet to resist, with a very imaginative little brown girl named Sam as the protagonist. I will have to read this one with Solomon before we send it to school.

Crusaders of the Lost Mark is for Solomon. He spent all his allowance a few weeks ago on a My Little Pony chapter book, and even though I tried to warn him it was “just a reading book” and had no pictures, he was still somehow dismayed when he discovered exactly that at home. We’ve been reading it as bedtime story, but I think it’s still just a little bit more that his attention span is ready for. I think this is more his speed at the moment.

The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two is the book I actually went to the bookstore for. Jefferson and I have read the first two books in the series, and I’m having a moment with Valente right now, so I needed to go own this right now.

Children of the Alley was an impulse purchase. I’m still very much into Arabic stories right now, and I’d picked up books my Mahfouz in the used book section a number of times and mulled over them, but this copy was so pretty that it finally wore me down. The reviews are very good, so I’m looking forward to finally checking him out.

Beauty is a Wound is for the Book Riot Read Harder challenge, a book by a Southeast Asian author. I am a little bit scared of this book, to be honest. (Read the book description, and you might be, too.) But I read a piece about the author that grabbed my curiosity, and really, I was so stunned to find it, already there on the shelves (the other books for this category on my list were not), that I felt like I had to buy it. We’ll see.

Democracy at Work was the book I finally walked off with from a table of a lot of challenging and deeply interesting books on equality and social justice. I’m starting to wish a little bit that I’d bought the Judith Butler or the Angela Y. Davis instead, but I suspect it was my recent reading of Under the Affluence that made me grab this one. We’ll see.

So, what do you think? Do any of these catch your eye? Have you read any of them? What have your recent book purchases been?


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