financial goals

While completing our taxes last week, my husband asked me what my financial goals were. I didn’t have a ready answer. But today the answer is: to be able to afford my book habit. Today’s haul:


The original plan for today was slacking at home and writing letters, as I had two in my pile that needed to be responded to. (Now that the mail has come today I have three!)  But yesterday I got a message from my favoritest cousin-by-marriage, letting me know that Common Spirit had finally been matched with a refugee family, who would be arriving this week! Ages ago, when they started this process, I had signed up on their registry to get towels for the family. So, there was a new plan! Buy towels (at Target, because bathroom boycott), drive said towels to Amy in Grand Rapids, and, if possible, meet for lunch at some awesome foodie place I’ve never tried before.

We ended up meeting at Downtown Market Grand Rapids, where I was overwhelmed by all the choices. We both got lunch at Rak, which is a Thai place, but there were so many other places I wanted to try that I will have to go back. I ordered drunken noodles, medium heat, which was almost a tiny bit too hot (until I ran out of ice tea, then it was definitely too hot), and weirding me out that it had zucchini in it. It was good, but Thai Village remains my favorite drunken noodles.

It was great catching up with Amy, but she had to take off because she is a lady who does too many things. So, what was there to do but visit my favorite comic book store, Vault of Midnight? Now, I’m a girl who has been buying comics for a very long time. 18 years, I think? And I have put a lot of thought into what makes a comic book store girl-friendly. Certain indicators that don’t just make the store more girl-friendly themselves, but when present, are also signs that the cashier is going to be less likely super condescending or rude. Vault of Midnight as all the things. Well lit, spacious aisles, well organized and well labelled shelves that make it easy to navigate the store as a first-time customer. A respectable “all ages” section that isn’t teeny tiny crammed into some afterthought corner.

I make a point of buying Rachel Rising here because they actually stock it on the shelves, unlike any of my local comic stores. Sure, I could special order it, but first of all, I’m rarely that organized, and secondly, shouldn’t I reward the store that already supports the title?

Plus, when I came in, there were actually two ladies working the front desk! Made my girly heart happy. And they said good things about some of the titles I was buying. They have a store in Ann Arbor, too (the original), but I’ve officially decided the Grand Rapids store is my favorite. Even though they don’t have a bathroom.

Today’s binge buy was influenced by the upcoming read-a-thon, my temporary moratorium on buying graphic novels (I’d bought a few stinkers, so decided to start checking them out through the library instead), and getting hooked on a few new titles. I’m actually very sad right now because I just realized that I somehow grabbed Volume 3 of Princeless instead of Volume 2, another title I’ve yet to see on the shelves at my local store.

For the record, Fluffy Fluffy Cinnamoroll is for Solomon (some thing he randomly got hooked on at the library) and Dinosaurs is for Jefferson. Though as I flipped through it in the store I saw a section on Mary Anning, so I may have to read it myself as well.


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