Read-a-thon 3.0

I keep intending for this blog to be something beyond documenting our read-a-thon participations, but here it is, another read-a-thon!

Last April I did my first read-a-thon with Jefferson, and it was wonderful. In the fall, I found out about Dewey’s fall read-a-thon way too late to do the whole day, but both the kids and I had a mini read-a-thon in the evening after work. It wasn’t as much fun to do only a few hours, and Solomon wasn’t really ready, so I didn’t want a repeat experience this year when I realized that again, I’d found out about the read-a-thon too late to request the day off. I talked to Jefferson, and confirmed that what we really liked about the read-a-thon was the chance to read all day, and raising money for a good cause. We’d enjoyed the social media aspect of it that first time, but we didn’t really participate too much, as it was a distraction from the reading. So, that established, why not just pick another day?

So, while Dewey’s April read-a-thon was this past Saturday, Jefferson and I are going to be having ours this Saturday, April 30. We’re fundraising for The Capital Area Literacy Coalition again, and there are details at our crowdrise fundraiser, Jen & Jefferson’s Second Annual Read-a-thon.

I haven’t made a donation yet because I’m planning a per book pledge. I’m thinking $2 per book. I know from our totals last year that would have only been $20, which makes me think I should pledge more per book, but I’ve got a couple of graphic novels on my pile, and I know the kind of books Jefferson is plowing through these days, so I think $2 per book is a good pledge.

Tonight we’ll go to the library to supplement our to-read piles. I may update my pledge then. 😉

If you choose to support our read-a-thon, we will be so grateful! Whether that’s by sending a donation, cheering us on or chatting with us about our books, bringing us snacks, or just actually reading all of our updates, we appreciate all forms of support!


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