Read-a-thon, Hour 4

Jefferson has been devoured by (a computer game). Whatever, he’s still beating me in both books finished and pages read. I’m sure he’ll be back to it soon.

We had our first visitor! The lovely Beth dropped by and brought us whipped cream for our fruit bowls. How kind! Sadly, she couldn’t stay and hang with us, as she is on call, saving the world for democracy. But we will definitely be singing her praises when we devour our fruit bowls, later today.

I am still reading The Dispossessed. Closing in on the end, now, which is bittersweet. It’s a lovely book, but that stack of read-a-thon books I made is calling my name.

Jefferson only read 17 more pages in The Chocolate War before he gave it up. Which didn’t surprise me. When I looked it up to add the link to my last posting, the description was much more YA than I remembered when I recommended it for his stack. That’s okay, he switched gears and tore through Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing instead.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Our tallies so far:
Books read: Jen – 0, Jefferson – 2
Pages read: Jen – 162, Jefferson – 299

Support our read-a-thon and donate to Capital Area Literacy Coalition! We are 30% to our goal!


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