Read-a-thon, Hour 6

Broke for lunch. Pad thai curry leftovers from Thai Village for me, and Jefferson managed to talk dad into making cheesy noodles for him. Jefferson still managed more pages in the last two hours than the other two periods previous. And I thought I’d catch up because of all the wrestling he was doing with Solomon. Hmph.

I finally finished The Dispossessed. How did it take me so long to really get into Ursula K. LeGuin? I mean, really? I needed something fresh and diverting after that, so I started She-Hulk, but it doesn’t have page numbers, so I’m not going to count pages until I finish it.

She-Hulk, Vol. 2: Disorderly Conduct

Jefferson added all of Ramona & Her Father to his list. The poor dear was very disturbed when Ramona’s father lost his job after his business was absorbed by another company.

Ramona and Her Father

Kids are doing lots of running around now. I don’t have to worry that Jefferson will atrophy during our day of reading.

Our tallies so far:
Books read: Jen – 1, Jefferson – 3
Pages read: Jen – 225, Jefferson – 485

Support our read-a-thon and donate to Capital Area Literacy Coalition! We’re 34% of the way toward our goal!


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