Read-a-thon, Hour 8

Jefferson took lots of break this period, to “let me catch up,” he bragged. Well, for once I made more progress than he did, so mission accomplished! Also, Solomon & Andrew have finally departed for their afternoon adventure. Perhaps there will be less distraction for a bit? At least until Josh’s birthday guests arrive?

I finished She-Hulk, and started in on The Murders in the Rue Morgue. The influence this must have had on Sherlock Holmes! I’d never heard of these Poe stories, and found this collection quite randomly at the bookstore.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue: The Dupin Tales

Jefferson finished off Mattimeo, which he’d all but finished before today. (And even that was a re-read, being one of his much read Redwall series.) He then started in on Mossflower.

Mattimeo (Redwall, #3) Mossflower (Redwall, #2)

(He went from book 3 in the series to book 2. See what I mean about being less systematic? It baffles me, sometimes.)

I am still not ever going to catch up, of course.

Our tallies so far:
Books read: Jen – 2, Jefferson – 4
Pages read: Jen – 389, Jefferson – 575

Support our read-a-thon and make a donation to Capital Area Literacy Coalition!


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