Read-a-thon 3.0, Final

So, another read-a-thon has drawn to a close. I really liked doing updates every two hours instead of every hour, it felt like a better posting to reading ratio. Next time I need to buy fewer snacks. (Maybe.) I think Jefferson and I both liked having more graphic novels in the mix this time. (I cannot ask Jefferson his opinion on this, as he went to bed about a half hour ago.)

I’m pretty happy with our fundraising. We’re only at 72% right now ($181.00), but there were a couple of people who said they were going to donate, or who I expect would donate that haven’t yet, so I’m still hoping we break $200 before the weekend is over.

So, I finished On Immunity. Just barely. I was fading in those last 20 pages and considered going to bed and finishing it tomorrow, but got a third? fourth? fifth? wind. Somehow, after that, I managed to tackle Rachel Rising, vol. 6. Mostly it seemed a shame to not get to the two books I said that I was most excited about reading.

Rachel Rising, Volume 6: Secrets Kept

Jefferson barely finished Mossflower, but he did! I had to wake him up once, and insist he decide on sticking it out or going up to bed if he wanted to sleep. I didn’t think he’d make it, but he did. He did the math in his head and pronounced that he’d bested his pages read last year, but I don’t think that he actually did. But he read more books? So hopefully he feels good about that in the morning.

Final stats!
Books read: Jen – 6, Jefferson – 7
Pages read: Jen – 935, Jefferson 1153

Last year:
Books read: Jen – 4, Jefferson – 6
Pages read: Jen – 683, Jefferson – 1156

Which means I ended up donating $26.00, as I’d pledged $2 per book. Though maybe that will go up, we’ll see if any more donations settle out.

It’s not too late! Support our fundraiser by making a donation to Capital Area Literacy Coalition!

Thanks to everyone who supported us! Whether it was by making a donation, dropping off whipped cream (yum!), tolerating our anti-social behavior, sharing our fundraising page, liking our posts, or anything else that I’m not thinking of because I am so very, very tired.


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