Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, 2017

So, apparently I only use this WordPress for readathons. I’m okay with that. Though at some point I should connect this to my other homes on social media.

Anyway, it’s time for Jefferson and I to participate in our fourth readathon! Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon is an international celebration of reading. During a 24 hour period, participants read books, post about books, and visit each other’s online homes to cheer each other on. It happens twice a year, in April and October, and has been going on since 2007.

Some people chose to use their readathon to raise money for a cause, though most don’t — focusing on the reading itself and the social aspects of the readathon. I won’t lie, updating the fundraiser throughout the day is a major distraction from the reading, and I am sometimes tempted to drop this aspect of our participation, but I probably never will. Like Solomon recently pointed out, “Well, why do read so much when it isn’t the readathon?” Reading and posting about it on social media is something I already do all the time. What makes the readathon special isn’t just that we carve out a special space and time to just read, but we also use the time to connect with people about, promote, and raise money for spreading the love of reading to others.

This year we will be raising money for First Book, which is a fantastic organization. They don’t just give books away, which would be a fantastic thing in and of itself, but they partner with existing organizations, such as aid organizations, schools, and even doctor’s offices to provide books and other reading resources, so they are a fantastic resource for both all of those diverse audiences as well as the people and organizations serving them.

I could go on and on, and maybe I will, later. If you have a First Book anecdote, I’d love to hear it!

You can check out our fundraiser page and support us any time, BUT we would love it if you would consider pledging per book or page read. In our time zone, the readathon starts at 8 a.m., which leaves a lot of the 24 hour period past our bedtime, and a per book or page pledge helps to fuel us and push a little further at the end. If you want to do that kind of pledge, just comment here or on Facebook to let us know how much you’re pledging, and we’ll update you with our final total. Want an idea how much you might be on the hook for? Well, you can check out our wrap-up for last year, or if you just want the numbers, they are below:

2016 totals
Books read: Jen – 6, Jefferson – 7
Pages read: Jen – 935, Jefferson 1153

2015 totals
Books read: Jen – 4, Jefferson – 6
Pages read: Jen – 683, Jefferson – 1156

As you can see, Jefferson was super consistent both years, I had a major jump partly because I was updating our social media every two hours instead of every hour, so less distractions. Actually, I suspect that I made a math error in the 2015 totals for my pages, but there is no way I am going to go back and check that now. In fact, I need to figure out a better way to record our progress this year, because last year’s math got a lot of hazy and required a lot of re-checking by the end of the night as well.

So, that’s the idea! TBR piles will be posted soon, I imagine, I’m having a harder and harder time resisting making mine. Let me know if you’re doing the readathon, or what you think about First Book!


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