My TBR Pile for the Readathon


No really.

I thought about trying to pare this down more, but I think I like this pile as is. Do I think I’ll read this whole pile? No. Do I think I will read even half of this pile? Again, probably no. But I like that there are lots of options. Graphic novels, poetry, tiny novellas and novelettes, fiction, non-fiction, classics, works in translation, giant billion page tomes. I’ll have lots of options, without feeling like I have to go wander around perusing my shelves.

Only a few library books this year, I wanted to do some damage to my TBR shelves and stacks. I’ve been reading many more library books than the books I actually own lately. Some of these have been on my shelves for years. A few of these were in my TBR pile from the last readathon!

This pile makes me happy.

I can’t wait.

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