Readathon HQ

Less than a half hour to go!

I did finally come up with a logging strategy for my bullet journal. We’ll see how happy I am about how it works before I share it more in detail.

I’m excited about our snacks. As I mentioned, I shopped for the apocalypse, so this is just a small portion of the snack hoard to start us off. But it has my mango gummi bears, which I am TOTALLY obsessed with right now, and the giant jar is my husband’s attempt at a homemade Peanut Butter Monster snack mix which he made for me for this readathon. (It’s a Target thing. I was complaining that Peanut Butter Monster, the objectively best snack mix out of all their mixes, is one of a small minority that is only available in the small bag size, not the bulk jar. So hubby, who is the best, set out to make me my own.)

Decided against the trip to the coffee shop. I want to save that for later, maybe just before they close, for finishing fuel. Plain old black tea to start the day for me!

We would really love it if you would consider supporting our fundraiser. First Book is such a fantastic organization. Make a straight donation or pledge to support us per page or book read! If you want to do a pledge, their website doesn’t support that, so just let us know how much you are pledging and we’ll keep you informed of our progress.


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