Sixteen hours in

Unbelievable. Jefferson has been asleep for nearly half this period, and still read more pages than me.

I did mess around with the fire a fair bit, now that Andrew is in bed.

Nobody finished any books! Jefferson got almost to the end of The Martian, then dodged back over to Scribblenauts. I decided I was going to finish The Familiar this readathon if it killed me. Then Jefferson fell asleep, and as I keep mentioning, The Familiar actually has five million pages.

The fire is sure pretty, though.

I had some weird V8 energy drink I bought on impulse when preparing for the readathon/apocalypse. I feel absolutely un-tired. Of course, I haven’t been going to bed so much earlier than this lately anyway.

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 4
Pages read: 962

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 1333

We’re over half-way on our fundraising goal! Whee! (Exactly at halfway according to the webpage, but add in page and book total pledges and that’s more math than I have time for with my five million pages still to read and all.) Check out our fundraiser and support First Book, a great cause!


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