Hello, Readathon!

So, I had all the intentions of putting together a TBR pile and doing a little “night before the readathon” post, but then yesterday my whole life gotten eaten up by an impromptu art project, which meant both that I didn’t think about making a TBR pile and that the precious little flat space I have in my living room right now is currently taken up by art supplies that I have not put away. see them around the edges of the pictures above. So, I’ll have to just rummage through my massive TBR shelves and piles all over the house instead. I can live with that.

I’m just now settling in to get started on the readathon with my Scottish Breakfast tea (lately every time I make tea in the morning I think about what the different is between Scottish, Irish, and English Breakfast tea) and my sole vacation purchase, Drawing with Great Needles, which I am about 3/4 of the way through and intend to finish as my first readathon book. I bought this book at Cahokia, the largest pre-Columbian city north of Mexico, where I visited this vacation and became very curious about the facial tattoos depicted on almost all of the representatives of what a Cahokian resident would have looked like. Cahokia was a pre-historic city with no mummified remains, so how could they know what tattoos they might have had? This book is about exactly that, and it’s been fascinating (if sometimes academically dry) so far. It is making me want to read a lot more about the history of tattooing.
Okay, as long as I am posting a picture of what I am reading, I might as well participate in the first readathon challenge:

Take a picture of what you are reading this readathon and answer the following questions:
1) Favorite book ever?
2) Where are you reading from?
3) What library will benefit from your readathon participation?
4) How many hours are you trying to read during the readathon?

1) I still think it’s evil to ask a reader to choose their one favorite book, but the answer I usually give when forced to do so is Dune.

2) I am reading from Lansing, Michigan.

3) I will be donating to my local library: The Capital Area District Libraries.

4) I don’t have a set goal. I do have some other obligations over today and tomorrow, so I am just going to cram as much reading in around them as I can.


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