Two books in

I have just finished Dept. of Speculation and OH GOD, THE FEELINGS. I would like to go smash the husband’s face in. I would like to go smash in Rabih’s face, from The Course of Love, of whom I was previously much more understanding, but now, of course, I know that he is awful, just awful. I would like very much for my husband to come home right now and give me a hug.

I need to pick a very different sort of book for my next book.

I’m eyeing the graphic novel I’ve had checked out of the library for months. Or maybe one of the “classic” middle grade novels that people keep exclaiming about when they found out I haven’t read it, really, I haven’t read it.

I took a picture to post with this update, but instead of uploading this newest picture first, Dropbox has decided to finish uploading the massive backlog of vacation pictures that I haven’t gotten around to uploading yet instead. The little red bubble at the bottom of the screen is telling me there are 92 pictures left to upload. I think this post will just be picture-less.


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