end of readathon

Well, I didn’t get as much reading or as much posting done as I meant to do on the second day. For mixed reasons. On the happy side, a bunch of friends were in from out of town, and I got to go spend some time with them! On the less happy side, every time I turned on my computer I was immediately drowning in news of racist bullshit going down in Virginia, which both made it harder to take participating in a readathon seriously but also provided some pretty serious motivation for disappearing into a book.

Anyway, at the end of the readathon I’d spent a mere 10 hours reading (I was hoping for at least 15) and finished four books. I’ve already donated my $10 to the library and sent the confirmation in. My four books are depicted above, which looks extra impressive if you forget that I was nearly done with Drawing with Needles when I started.

This readathon was a good idea, though. I hope it becomes a regular thing.


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