Beat the Backlist 2018 Challenge

Every year my resolutions are 90-100% about books. This year is certainly no exception. My resolutions:

  1. To read 100 books this year.
  2. For every two fiction books I read, read at least one non-fiction book.
  3. To read a least two books that I already own for every new book bought or book read from the library.

In support of the last resolution, I spent some time on New Year’s Eve rearranging my TBR bookshelf:


These are by no means all the unread books that I own, but a special bookshelf where I put the books I’m most excited about reading soon. The first shelf is all non-fiction, and the bottom two shelves are fiction and poetry. Last year I got in this weird cycle where I was checking out so SO many books from the library, and then because those had due dates, I would prioritize reading those, and read way fewer of the books that I was actually excited enough to pay real money for.

Of course, once I’ve read a book from these shelves, I’ll have to find a home for it on my other shelves, so how will I keep track of my progress? Well, that’s where this bullet journal spread comes in:


Given how focused my reading resolutions are on clearing out these TBR shelves, I was excited when I heard about the 2018 Beat the Backlist Challenge, hosted by NovelKnight!


I’m hoping to read at least 60 backlist books this year, the majority of which to come from the list and shelves above. (Don’t worry. Like I said, I have plenty of unread books to refill my TBR shelves from as I go.)

I’m team Novel Knights!


In the meantime, I am still struggling with whether I’m going to stay on goodreads or move to LibraryThing. Opinions?

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