Sixteen hours in

Unbelievable. Jefferson has been asleep for nearly half this period, and still read more pages than me.

I did mess around with the fire a fair bit, now that Andrew is in bed.

Nobody finished any books! Jefferson got almost to the end of The Martian, then dodged back over to Scribblenauts. I decided I was going to finish The Familiar this readathon if it killed me. Then Jefferson fell asleep, and as I keep mentioning, The Familiar actually has five million pages.

The fire is sure pretty, though.

I had some weird V8 energy drink I bought on impulse when preparing for the readathon/apocalypse. I feel absolutely un-tired. Of course, I haven’t been going to bed so much earlier than this lately anyway.

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 4
Pages read: 962

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 1333

We’re over half-way on our fundraising goal! Whee! (Exactly at halfway according to the webpage, but add in page and book total pledges and that’s more math than I have time for with my five million pages still to read and all.) Check out our fundraiser and support First Book, a great cause!

Fourteen hours in

Okay, I admit it. I’m a little bitter about this period. My pages read are abysmal. And why? For a five minute break for birthday cake? I have no idea. Also there was bedtime story, though I’m counting the pages for that. I don’t know why I can’t just enjoy the readathon and not be so intense about it, but the non-readathoners are preparing for bed, distractions are falling away, and the serious reading hours are approaching.

I picked up another Little Black Classic, A Slip Under the Microscope, which had much less science fiction flavor than I expected, but was still solid, and finished the poetry I was reading before.

A Slip under the Microscope (Penguin little black classics #77)

Jefferson is still tearing through The Martian.

Our totals:

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 4
Pages read: 841

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 1210

Andrew’s parents made a $20 donation in cash before they left, which is not yet reflected on the fundraiser’s website. I plan to add it to whatever my pledge amounts to at the end of the fundraiser.

Care to chip in to an excellent cause? First Book does great work!

Twelve hours in

We missed a two-hour update because Josh’s birthday dinner. Which was lovely Indian food, yay! Now we are back and have built the fire back up and are reading again. For a while Jefferson just wasn’t feeling it, so I made him a stack of books from my shelves I thought he might like, and he is happily diving into The Martian, cackling and reading sections aloud to me until I beg him to stop.

The Martian

As for me, I switched over to poetry for a while. I didn’t get many pages in, because of the break, and because, you know, poetry.

Poems from the Book of Hours The Night is Darkening Round Me (Little Black Classics, #63)

So technically half-way through, though I am sure neither of us will stay up for the whole thing. Still, our progress isn’t bad:

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 764

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 999

Jefferson would like Katie to know that he has now passed 1000, so she has to donate at least $30 just for him. 😉

If you’d like to support our fundraiser for First Book, visit our fundraiser page here!

Eight hours in

And I can feel Josh’s birthday dinner closing in like a Mack truck… I want to be able to enjoy this break and not be bitter, so while I am hitting a groove with Familiar, I have also reached the end of a section, so if there is a time to take a break and read some quick, easy-to-finish books, now would be that time.

Jefferson has struggled quite a bit in the past two hours, so I beat him in page counts for this period, but he’s still way ahead of me in total. I think he’s back in it now, though.

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 1
Pages read: 676

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 1
Pages read: 841

New donations to our fundraiser would really raise our spirits!

Six hours in

Slump the first.

Despite knowing it is five million pages long, Familiar is still taking longer than I expected, somehow, and I am constantly itching to switch to another book. But I haven’t given in yet. I will triumph! And only then will I assault the pile of tiny books at the top of my stack to boost by books read numbers. Probably.

Jefferson is feeling a little yucky from too much snacky food. He ate a bunch of snap peas and drank some water and is taking a little break. He’s still beating me in page count. Of course.

He also started another book, Scribblenauts, which he is switching back and forth with The House of Hades.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure

Solomon even wandered in and asked me to add another book to his list. Which I, of course, greeted with internal skepticism even as I wrote it down for him, but he’s been sitting and reading quietly for some time now.

The Quest for Paradise: The Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy (The Kingdom of Fantasy #2)

We’re still doing pretty well, for all that:

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 1
Pages read: 539

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 1
Pages read: 766

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Four hours in

And the distractions begin.

Like we could have possibly kept up that pace. We couldn’t. Still keeping above a page a minute, so no complaints!

No new books started, just progress on what we’re already reading. Jefferson finished National Geographic, moved back to House of Hades, I’m still working on Familiar. I nearly gave in and switched to something else during the Singapore section (lots of vernacular and foreign languages and stream of consciousness), but kept on.

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 1
Pages finished: 416

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 1
Pages finished: 511

We are reading for charity! Check out our fundraising page for First Book!

Two hours in

Oh, kids. It is so on.

So I’ve finished my first book. Sandman, The Overture, because I was feeling bad that it was in last year’s TBR, and not only did I not read it then, I didn’t ever read it at all. I don’t know why I waited so long, it was excellent.

I then started in on Book 2 of The Familiar: Into the Forest. It is approximately five million pages, but a lot of word art and other illustration, so I think it should go quickly. It seemed like a good follow-up to Sandman, as it is also very dream-like.

The Sandman: Overture Into the Forest (The Familiar #2)

Books finished: 1
Pages read: 289

Jefferson is skipping around a fair bit, but also getting a LOT of reading done. I seriously don’t know how he does it.
He started in on Bullfinch’s Mythology, then switched to The House of Hades (which wasn’t in his TBR pile, but something in Mythology made him go grab it.) Then he picked up the current National Geographic. Which I don’t have a link to, of course, but will be counting as a book for our purposes.

Bulfinch's Mythology: Stories of Gods and Heroes The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, #4)

Books finished: 0
Pages read: 302

Like, seriously? I thought I might actually be ahead of him in pages for one second by starting with a graphic novel, but NO. Oh, well.

Andrew has built us a beautiful fire to read by because he is a wonderful human being. Solomon said he wanted to readathon with us, but within the first fifteen minutes he reported to me that he had read an entire Harry Potter book already and was starting a new one, after which he immediately disappeared to the office to play computer games. So… he’s done.

The fundraiser is going very well! Over a third of the way there already! Thanks to everyone who has supported us already!