All of the thing


Good night and good morning.


Twenty-two hours in

About an hour ago Jefferson sat bolt upright, then got up off the couch. When I gently suggested that he head up to bed, he looked at the clock (5 a.m.) and said, “It’s too late.”

I asked him if he was up for the day, and when he said yes, gently teased him that the readathon was still on a for a few more hours, and if he wasn’t careful, I was going to pass him in pages read. “No! Not gonna happen!” he replied, and marched himself back to the couch and grabbed a book.

So, yeah. He’s way ahead again.

Jefferson finished The Martian and made more progress in Scribblenauts, but then fell back asleep, for all his protesting.

I finished Three Cups of Deceit, started and finished The Duel, and then started Eden Springs.

The Duel Eden Springs

Guys, I’m so tired. But with only two hours left to go, how do I not attempt a heroic push to the end? And then sleep forever.

Our completely ludicrous totals so far:

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 6
Pages read: 1371

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 3
Pages read: 1448

I am way too tired to think of a clever way to tell you about our fundraising page for First Book, which is here. 

Twenty hours in

I don’t know how I’m going to get back to a normal sleep schedule ever again.

I finished The Familiar, vol. 2! Can you believe it? I decided I needed to follow up with some non-fiction, so I launched into Three Cups of Deceit, which I have been meaning to read for years. I have many, many thoughts on this book, but I need to do some more research before I share them. Not to mention actually finish the book.

Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way

Jefferson is still sleeping on the couch. Will he wake at his usual 6 a.m., bright-eyed and ready to play computer games? Will I still be awake and reading when he does? Will I convince him to finish one of his so close to finished books before the twenty-four hours of the readathon draws to a close?

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 5
Pages read: 1263

It is actually now kinda sorta possible that I will catch up with Jefferson’s pages read (1333). You know, unless he wakes up and reads again in the morning.

The reason I am still awake at 4 a.m.: to raise money for First Book.

You know. Mostly. Though perhaps I was doomed the moment I made my journal log go all the way to 24 hours. You have no idea how motivated I am by spreadsheets.

Eighteen hours again

I don’t think that I’ve read this far into a readathon before? But I’m still very awake and still enjoying my five million page book.

Jefferson, on the other hand, is most definitely out for the night. I haven’t managed to talk him into moving from the couch, though. Every time it seems like he’s awake, he’s really not, and there hasn’t been much reason to wake him all the way to move him.

We’ll just go with my totals for this update, as Jefferson’s haven’t moved. Will I catch up to him before I give in to sleep? Stay tuned!

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 4
Pages read: 1128

2/3rd of the way to our fundraiser goal! On the website at least. Every hour I stay up is also clicking up the per page and per book donations. But I promise if someone donates the rest of our goal right now, it won’t take the wind out of my sails. 😉

Obligatory link to the fundraising page.

Sixteen hours in

Unbelievable. Jefferson has been asleep for nearly half this period, and still read more pages than me.

I did mess around with the fire a fair bit, now that Andrew is in bed.

Nobody finished any books! Jefferson got almost to the end of The Martian, then dodged back over to Scribblenauts. I decided I was going to finish The Familiar this readathon if it killed me. Then Jefferson fell asleep, and as I keep mentioning, The Familiar actually has five million pages.

The fire is sure pretty, though.

I had some weird V8 energy drink I bought on impulse when preparing for the readathon/apocalypse. I feel absolutely un-tired. Of course, I haven’t been going to bed so much earlier than this lately anyway.

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 4
Pages read: 962

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 1333

We’re over half-way on our fundraising goal! Whee! (Exactly at halfway according to the webpage, but add in page and book total pledges and that’s more math than I have time for with my five million pages still to read and all.) Check out our fundraiser and support First Book, a great cause!

Fourteen hours in

Okay, I admit it. I’m a little bitter about this period. My pages read are abysmal. And why? For a five minute break for birthday cake? I have no idea. Also there was bedtime story, though I’m counting the pages for that. I don’t know why I can’t just enjoy the readathon and not be so intense about it, but the non-readathoners are preparing for bed, distractions are falling away, and the serious reading hours are approaching.

I picked up another Little Black Classic, A Slip Under the Microscope, which had much less science fiction flavor than I expected, but was still solid, and finished the poetry I was reading before.

A Slip under the Microscope (Penguin little black classics #77)

Jefferson is still tearing through The Martian.

Our totals:

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 4
Pages read: 841

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 1210

Andrew’s parents made a $20 donation in cash before they left, which is not yet reflected on the fundraiser’s website. I plan to add it to whatever my pledge amounts to at the end of the fundraiser.

Care to chip in to an excellent cause? First Book does great work!

Twelve hours in

We missed a two-hour update because Josh’s birthday dinner. Which was lovely Indian food, yay! Now we are back and have built the fire back up and are reading again. For a while Jefferson just wasn’t feeling it, so I made him a stack of books from my shelves I thought he might like, and he is happily diving into The Martian, cackling and reading sections aloud to me until I beg him to stop.

The Martian

As for me, I switched over to poetry for a while. I didn’t get many pages in, because of the break, and because, you know, poetry.

Poems from the Book of Hours The Night is Darkening Round Me (Little Black Classics, #63)

So technically half-way through, though I am sure neither of us will stay up for the whole thing. Still, our progress isn’t bad:

Jen’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 764

Jefferson’s cumulative totals:
Books finished: 2
Pages read: 999

Jefferson would like Katie to know that he has now passed 1000, so she has to donate at least $30 just for him. 😉

If you’d like to support our fundraiser for First Book, visit our fundraiser page here!